Daniel Watts, C.S.

Daniel Watts, C.S.

Christian Science Practitioner

Scottsdale, AZ United States

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I would love to talk to you about Christian Science healing. The power of the ever-present Christ of the Bible is indeed a 'very present help in trouble' when we turn to God in intelligent prayer. Our initial conversation and your first treatment are free of charge if this is your first time working with Christian Science. 'Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters ... yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price'. (Isaiah 55:1) My basic rate is twelve dollars per day. This is reduced by sixty percent if a healing is not forthcoming.

God, divine Love, accepts, cherishes, approves of, supports and sustains our beloved LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer) sisters and brothers. I joyfully and wholeheartedly follow Her lead.


1. The standard of Christian Science healing practice is reasonably prompt healing results. Two weeks provides ample opportunity for C.S. practice to accomplish what it claims it is capable of accomplishing.

2. If definite healing results are not plainly recognizable within two weeks' work, something is wrong, and the case needs to be re-evaluated. In this situation, the patient has "failed to receive aid" from the practitioner's work, and should select a new practitioner ... either C.S. or Medical ... according to which is likely to give the best results.

3. The provision of relief from physical suffering is a primary plank of the humane platform of Christian Science. C.S. practitioners should be cognizant of the amount of physical suffering their patients are experiencing. They should be ready to provide correct advice and help to their patients who need relief through pain medication. C.S. practitioners should know M.D.'s in their area who are willing and happy to work with Christian Scientists.

4. C.S. nurses and nursing facilities should work with their local hospice organizations to provide pain relief to their patients who request it. In this way, a patient doesn't find himself evicted from the Christian Science world in order to get pain relief.

5. Christian Scientists should get annual medical checkups. For family and friends, this provides reassurance that the Christian Scientist isn't being a religious fanatic. For the Scientist, this provides an opportunity to be warned of insidious beliefs developing unseen and undetected in the body.

I think that as we move forward in human history, those who hold themselves aloof from medical science will be perceived by a greater and greater majority as being endangering religious extremists; while those who embrace medical science in a minimal, safety-net sort of way, while providing mankind with something even better through the excellent results of their healing practice, will be working scientifically, and will draw the attention of a humanity so interested in finding genuine spiritual light. In this way, we will make real progress in accomplishing our mission of "healing and saving the world from sin and death." (Manual of The Mother Church, pg.19)

I believe the following statement is true of all religions: "Sometimes we have to cut through the specious metaphysical b.s. to get to the genuine, humane C.S."

I have written a book entitled Gleams of divine Love, by d.g. watts, which is available at Amazon.com . It also can be read at the website www.gleams-of-divine-love.info . Each of the chapters may be clicked on and read individually.

Also of interest is a collection of spiritual songs I have written which employ principles of African music learned at the University of California at Berkeley. These may be listened to at www.refreshing-rhythms-music.com . I hope you might find them spiritually uplifting.